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Welcome to my Voiceover Corner!

My voice has been described as youthful, bright, emotional, energetic, sweet and conversational (Girl Next Door/ Disney Protagonist) I have been trained in commercial voiceover,  as well as voiceover for animation, cartoons and video games. My repertoire includes many distinct character voices from babies and children, robots, squeaky mice, cackling witches, sarcastic teens, whimsical fairies, chatty parrots, middle school boys, ditzy valley girls, kooky old ladies, and so much in between. Additionally, I am proficient in several accents (RP British, Cockney, American West Coast, American South, New York, Irish, Scottish, French, German, Italian) and I have the ability to learn accents quickly as well. My other VoiceOver skills include whistling (to a tune, with vibrato, bird imitation) and singing (pop, indie, folk, broadway, Disney, soprano/classical). Scroll below to find my commercial reel, cartoon/animation reel and singing sample. 


Animation/ Character Demo Reel 

Commercial Demo Reel

Singing Samples


Studio Options:

REMOTE: My home studio set-up includes an RODE NT- USB microphone with a pop filter, a Blue Yeti, a Shure SM7B, a Universal Audio Volt 1 Interface, Sampson Z35 headphones, a Macbook-Air 2020 laptop (running macOS Catalina)  and Traction Waveform to record.

EXPANSION OPTION:  Upon request, I have  access a to recording studio, a sound engineer, sound editor and other resources/mics/gear/software if an additional stipend is included in pay. Contact me for more details.

Papa Jack's Cafe- Feature Film Clip

Lucie Rose- Animated Short

Fully Voiced: Pheonix Wright Ace Attorney- Series

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